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10 tips: how to survive the first weeks as a new mom

Yeah you’re baby has finally arrived and is sleeping safe and sound in your arms. You are on a big pink cloud and exploding from love. Or not? Even though all this is true it’s also all life changes and pretty heavy as well. It’s super important to keep taking care of yourself and yes this is very difficult, because all is about the baby and you want to keep him or her happy and healthy. But it’s oh so important to keep yourself happy and healthy as well. Of course you have to do it all your way and your way is best, but today we share 10 tips with you to keep in mind on a daily base.

Tip 1: Take a long hot shower :
Even though it seems impossible, try to do this every day. Pick a moment for yourself that fits best. Maybe during your little one’s morning sleep or when your hubby comes back from work.

Tip 2: Step outside at least one time a day:
Long strolls are good for yourself and for the baby. Your little one will probably sleep safe and sound and you will get some fresh air and more energy.

Tip 3: Drink water all day!
Download a app that will remind you every 2 hours or so to drink a glass of water. Especially when you breastfeed you need to drink at least 2 liters water a day. You’ll stay hydrated and we don’t have to tell you that drinking enough is super important to stay healthy and focused.

Tip 4: Don’t worry too much:
You’re the best mom for your little one and don’t doubt about that. Everything is new, but your mommy radar will help you trough. If you are worrying too much your baby will feel this and get stressed as well.

Tip 5: Eat healthy and regularly:
You are busy feeding your baby all day and night, but don’t forget yourself. Make a schedule and plan your meals. Make sure your fridge is full and set your alarm when it’s time for the next meal or snack.

 Tip 6: Plan your baby visits wisely:
Although you want to show your little one to the whole wide world it’s important to not over plan visits. Only invite people you really want to see and you feel comfortable with. Don’t refuse any help. Your friends and family will love to help out a bit.

Tip 7: Plan some me-time once in a while:
Going to the hairdresser can already be so nice, so ask someone you trust to take care of your baby for an hour or so and get pampered.

Tip 8: Try to avoid social media a bit:
Social media can be pretty stressful when you just had a baby. You see everybody enjoying their exciting lives while you are just nursing and taking care all day. Your time will come again anytime soon, so leave that Insta perfect lives behind for a while. Also think about turning all your messenger notifications off so you won’t feel the pressure to answer everybody asap.

Tip 9: Sleep whenever you can:
Afternoon naps are a big go. When your little one is asleep don’t worry about the household, but just sleep for a while. Power naps will give you energy and will make the nights a bit more easy.

Tip 10: Keep talking with your hubby:
Both your lives are upside down and it’s super import to keep on talking and enjoy each other’s company. Be honest about your thoughts about this new life as a mom and let him share his. Cuddle a lot together and share special moments with the baby together. For example give your baby a bath together. Just the three of you in a big baby bubble is the best feeling in the world

Hopefully the above tips will help you out a bit. The first months are the most intense, but everything will become easier. Don’t forget they grow up so quickly so enjoy every moment and keep taking care of yourself so you can enjoy all of this even more!

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