About us

Prêt à Pregnant, The-Mom.com & The-Dad.com are the online magazines for modern parents around the world with individual taste and style.

Becoming a mommy for the first time raises tons of questions because suddenly you need to think of things you never thought of before! What do I need to buy when I am an expecting mommy, even more important what do I need to know about becoming a mommy and how can I take care in the best possible way of my (unborn) baby? For all these questions you will find the answer at Prêt à Pregnant. An extensive network of influencers and mommy experts are connected to the platform so you can enjoy tips and tricks from women just like you!

Besides valuable content about pregnancy Prêt à Pregnant brings the latest celeb news straight to your screen. Whether Beyoncé is pregnant again or Ryan Gosling is becoming a hot daddy we will make sure you will be the first to know!

And still there is more: get ready for styling tips, shopping suggestions, Steal Her Style celebrity finds and endless fashion tips and tricks help to keep mothers to be looking and feeling
fabulous during those infamous forty weeks – and beyond. All this content combined with the latest news about beauty, travel and lifestyle trends Prêt à Pregnant reinvents the meaning of motherhood.

And here is the fabulous thing, our online platform grows with you! Once the diapers are out of the house you enter a new phase with your little one and your own life will change as well again. Time to move on to the The Mom! The Mom covers the same things as Prêt à Pregnant but then adapted to your new role, bringing up your child! Celeb news turns into mommy celeb news, the contributors help you with tips and tricks regarding the upbringing of your child and the fashion part will make you look stunning as a (business) mommy, taking you from the early morning all the way until a late night dinner with clients! Get ready for the ultimate tips about how to combine motherhood with a successful career while still looking impeccable every single day!

The Dad brings the latest tips and tricks about fatherhood in a quirky way! The platform talks about the latest gadgets, tech toys and fashion for a stylish appearance. Regularly The Dad interviews interesting and famous dad from around the world so you learn from the best. A group of daddy contributors help you surviving fatherhood in a pleasant yet fashionable way! Because hey, all (new) dads can use a little help as well right!