Asian Baby Names for boys and girls

It’s time to pick the perfect name for your bun in the oven. A very special journey for the both of you and it can be a bumpy ride, because it isn’t easy at all. Maybe you have a baby name list  ready since you were little or maybe you haven’t ever thought about it. And what about your hubby? Do you both have the same taste or are the first disagreements already a fact?  To help the two of  you out a bit we often share baby names lists with our favorites. Today we have selected 15 gorgeous Asian baby names for boys and girls that are timeless, gorgeous and amazing.


  1. Aki
  2. Aroon
  3. Botan
  4. Chung
  5. Hiro
  6. Jin
  7. Jun
  8. Jiro
  9. Kane
  10. Kenji
  11. Kiran
  12. Niran
  13. Nobu
  14. Norio
  15. Quon
  16. Ronin
  17. Sanjay
  18. Silas
  19. Yuan
  20. Zian


  1. Aika
  2. Amaya
  3. Asha
  4. Akira
  5. Cam
  6. Haya
  7. Hiromi
  8. Inari
  9. Irisa
  10. Jia
  11. Kami
  12. Kenja
  13. Ling
  14. Miya
  15. Sada
  16. Saki
  17. Suki
  18. Sun
  19. Suzu
  20. Tama




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