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Baby gift tip: ‘Tales from the Earth’ silver charms with a message

A cute set of clothing, a toy or a gift card. There are so many things you can gift a new born baby, but isn’t it amazing to give something that will be a kept and cherished for a life time? We have found these adorable silver charm sets from Tales of the Earth that are not only beautiful, but there is also a lovely message behind every charm.

Miniature keepsake box with tiny sterling server animals

A wolf, bear, elephant and lion: the wolf represents close family and friends; the elephant represents long life; the lion represents courage; the bear represents wisdom.

Price: €86.25

Shop here.

Five ‘lucky’charms in an engraved silver box

A collection of sterling silver items to accompany and inspire your little one on his or her life journeys and a reminder that they are never alone, whichever path they choose. The charms have special significance: flower – inspiration; key – empowerment; shamrock – luck; heart – love and friendship; angel – protection.

Price: €86.25

Shop here.

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