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Discover Bubnest: your baby´s nest is the place to rest

We came across Bubnest a lovely brand all the way from Australia. Bubnest is designed to make life easier for new parents an their bubs. Bubnest can be used anywhere the bub is resting. Having their own nest, their own place to rest will help your little one to settle easier as they will quickly recognise the smell and feel of their nest. This bed also grows with your baby, you can start using it from 0 months on up to six months with opening the bed at the end.

These cute nests are super light and you can take them everywhere with you so your baby can always enjoy a perfect rest. Take the bed with you on holiday, to the beach to your yoga class and so on.

The Bubnest fabric and wadding are made out of organic GOTS certified cotton, meaning no toxins are used in the production process. This certification stands as well for Fair-trade, meaning that it´s produced under safe, healthy and equitable conditions. Just the way we like it.

www.bubnest.com.au & starting price AUS$ 179

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