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iCandy World launches new models

iCandy launched some of their newest models and therefor we got invited to the Sonos Home in Amsterdam. We celebrated their new launches in three different ways. We started off with a ‘Baby Shower’, where the kids had the opportunity to draw and the moms could indulge in macrons and delicious cakes from Life of Pie. At the end of the table? The newest iCandy MiChair. A perfect high chair for your kid to sit in during dinner.

Next up was a mother-daughter yoga session. To introduce the new model of iCandy Peach. We entered a really calm room, with relaxing music playing on the background. We practiced some yoga positions together with the little ones, to feel connected together. The iCandy Peach is designed the way that it will help you connect.

Last but definitely not least.. they launched the new Land Rover for iCandy World All-Terrain Pushchair. The kids were able to dress up and get their picture taken with the stroller. The imagination of the kids came alive thanks to a fun green screen. The background changed on the computer from a green screen to a jungle because the iCandy Landrover is made for real adventures! In between snapshots the kids were playing together in the teepee’s.

Want to learn more about the Land Rover for iCandy World Pushchair? Janine will tell you all about it in her The Mom Vlog very soon!

Photo via LVT PR
New mom Sharon Doorson took the iCandy Peach Twin for a stroll together with Prêt à Pregnant founder Janine.


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