Lovely Scents for a Perfect Date

We hope you are already having the best Valentine’s Day so far. Is your date tonight, or maybe later on in the weekend? Well we are here to help you out, to decide which perfume you can wear on your date. Your hubby will swoon if you smell delicious. We have selected multiple perfumes, all with very different scents. Sunny Side Up from Juliette Has a Gun is like the sun on your skin on a warm summer day. With ingredients like sandalwood, iris butter and jasmine. Dream away to paradise with this perfume. But you can also choose for Pélargonium from Aedes de Venustas, a perfume inspired by the Egyptian geranium. A delightful scent that is very aromatic, perfect for a chic date. Velvet Haze from Byredo is completely different, with a hint to the seventies. Great for a casual date yet still a very sensual scent with a heart of patchouli leaves.
Which scent is the one you are going to seduce your hubby with?

1. Sunny Side Up Juliette Has a Gun 100 ml – €110 2. Poison Girl Unexpected Dior 100 ml – €114 3. Gabrielle Chanel 100 ml – €111,70 4. Pélargonium Aedes de Venustas 100 ml – €215 5. Dahlia Divin Givenchy 75 ml – €75,30 6. Velvet Haze Byredo 100 ml – €150

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