Make your shaving tool the sparkling eye catcher of your bathroom!

Do you also love that feeling of a smooth velvet soft skin after you shaving? We discovered a new brand that intensifies that ultimate feeling with a very luxury shaving tool! To be honest….most shavers are throw away´s, often pinkish coloured plastic tools than you want to hide in one of your drawers! But now there is GLADDERR, and trust us their luxury products will look fabulous in your designer bathroom!

GLADDERR is a brand new label that turns shaving handles into bathroom jewels! After a busy day in the office there is nothing better than enjoying a moment for yourself in the bathroom making yourself pretty and GLADDERR´s luxury tool will definitely contribute to this moment of well being.

But there is more to these innovative bathroom jewels, because the handmade shaving handles can be completely customized to your liking with beautiful sparkling stones in tons of different colours. The handles are made of Stainless Steel of the highest quality and the handle consists of 3 elements: the ´Bone´, the interchangeable ´Tubes´that fit over the Bone and the ´Bolt´, to fix the Tubes. The design of the shaving handle is one with the bathroom stand.

Now you have your ultimate shaving handle you also need to up your supporting products for the perfect soft and smooth shave. GLADDERR´s product line also features Pre-Shaving Scrub, Foaming Shaving Oil and Calming Aftershave Balm. The Aftershave Balm is also perfect for after sun skin care, as it calms and smooths the skin. And a fun fact about the Foaming Shaving Oil is that the oil only foams a little bit, making it to last longer on to your skin so you can shave the same part several times without irritating your skin!

So get ready for the perfect shave and treat yourself to the most luxurious way of shaving! Mother´s day tip: also mommy will absolutely love GLADDERR…

Discover GLADDERR here: www.gladderr.com

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