Maternity Style File by Marinke: Flared jeans and off the shoulder top

Marinke Davelaar is New York based, madly in love with her Lawrence, and very well established within the fashion photography. But besides snappin’ her way through the most amazing fashion events in New York, she’s often found back in Holland. You may already recognize her work since she is responsible for capturing all the special moments for Prêt à Pregnant, The Mom & The Dad. From Janine’s cool mommy’ looks to the well known Rally Events. It’s all Marinke. And we are so proud to have her on our team. 

She has always been part of the Prêt à Pregnant team, but now in a very special new way, because… she is expecting! Soon she will welcome her first baby. Her baby bump is starting to grow and from now on she will share her fashionable maternity looks with us. 

I was looking for a flared maternity jeans and found the perfect one at Noppies. The jeans give me a bit more lenght and are very comfy. Here I wear them with a pair of white sneakers. Opt for a pair of high heels and you create a complete new look and give your legs even more lenght.

This summer an off the shoulder top is a true must-have. I ‘ve found this classic white one at Zara. I love my bump, but some days I don’t want to emphasize it to the max. On days like this I like to wear this top.  This top is also perfect if you are early in your pregnancy and still keeping it for yourself. Your bump is starting to show, but people might think you had a bit too much to eat. This top will cover your bump until it is time to finally reveal and flaunt it.









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