Tess Montgomery is a mom we love to follow on social media. Her looks are always on point, and the pictures she shares are amazing. Besides her fashionable life, Tess is also a mom of baby boy Ace. We cannot get enough of the cute stories of the baby boy! And we always get super inspired by those moms who keep on chasing their dreams. We asked Tess to share her experience of combing work with motherhood! Read along with us and get inspired! Want to see more of Tess? Check out her Instagram @TessMontgomery

Hi I’m Tess, and I’m a so called influencer, or a “digital creator” as we like to call ourselves these days. (I create, if you are influenced, that’s on you).
I blog, I instagram, I podcast… I spend my hours in coffee shops working away at Paris guides or researching the best pieces to invest in for the seasons. I go to events, meetings, fashion shows and I travel the world.
… or maybe I should say “I used to”. Because these days I’m something a lot more important. I’m a mother to an incredibly gorgeous little blond boy named Ace.
I didn’t take maternity leave. It’s not like I can shut down my social channels and just expect my readers to wait for me for a year.


I did however give myself a break and only posted 6 blogpost each week instead of 10.
Still I was blogging with one hand and pumping milk with the other one at 04.00 in the morning in an air bnb in Stockholm when Ace was 8 weeks old. I was crying of exhaustion but still determined not to give up something I put 11 years of my life into… I’m not going to lie, blogging and babies do not mix very well. Not only because it’s incredibly unfair to have to shoot outfit photos a week after giving birth. But also because events, meetings and travels are not the most baby friendly of things. Still, I refuse to give up my career to have children. If other working mothers can do it, why can’t I? This is what lead me to decide to just go for it. Throw all the “you shouldn’t” away and just bring Ace with me everywhere I needed to go. As I’m writing this I’m sitting on the Eurostar on my way back from a long weekend in Paris. Ace sleeping peacefully in his yo-yo buggy next to me. He has so far done 15 flights, 3 Eurostar trips and a road trip from Lake Como to London. And he just turned 1. I took him to Cape Town for a wedding when he was 3 months old and he also sat front row with me at Stockholm fashion week. The latter seem to be the thing most people raise an eyebrow to. “You took him to fashion week?” Yes, I did. And it was no problem at all. Sure there is a bit more planning. An extra set of outfits to plan and I can’t really go to the late night stuff, but all in all very doable. To be honest, it was actually the best fashion month I have had to date. Would you believe that all these slightly icy fashion women, all of a sudden warm up when there is a baby around? It’s like the sight of our little family reminded them they are human too. I would go as far to say that Ace was the most popular guest there. At every show! And he had a blast looking at all the people, the music, the lights. He was mesmerized! I know friends in my industry who has put off having children, worried it would end their career. It’s such an immature business we are in. It will grow with us, but first we need to focus on what’s important in life. Don’t give up one for the other, you can do both.

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