Mommy tip by Marinke Davelaar: Carry your baby in style with Artipoppe

Marinke Davelaar is New York based mom who is very well established within the fashion photography. She is madly in love with her Lawrence and her little wonder James who was born a couple of months ago.  Besides snappin’ her way through the most amazing fashion events in New York, she’s often around in Holland as well. You may already recognize her work since she is responsible for capturing all the special moments for Prêt à Pregnant, The Mom & The Dad. From Janine’s cool mommy’ looks to the well-known events. It’s all Marinke. And we are so proud to have her on our team.

Yeah. We are back in New York! Yes! After bringing our little monster in to the world like a real Amsterdam guy we waited for 3 months before flying back home. We love to be home in New York again although we miss our dear family and friends from The Netherlands.

People who follow my life on Instagram probably already know but I love Artipoppe´s baby wraps! It was actually very high on my wishlist during my pregnancy. And was surprised on my baby shower when I unwrapped the velvet green Artipoppe box with my first wrap.

I carry baby James in my Artipoppe wrap since he was three weeks old and I love it. Just like all boys 😉 James loves to be close to his mom. So this was a solution to keep him close and have my hands free, He is already a little busy guy so baby wraps are a real must have in my life. And that´s exactly where he sits now while I am writing this little blog post. He is mumbling his way through the morning and he is busy eating his fingers as well.

Artipoppe really has everything I look for in a baby wrap as it is luxury and incredibly stylish. It´s like a designer bag, you love to be seen with it. I have several wraps in my closet already because I can´t get enough of all of those gorgeous prints. The quality of the fabric is absolutely fantastic and I love incorporating the wraps in to my daily styling. Artipoppe is really a must have for every fashion mom who likes her little one close.








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