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Illustrator Jean Jullien has designed a graphic and Petit Bateau-inspired collection for babies, children and adults. Because Jean Jullien has the ability to bring characters to life with exceptional simplicity and rare poetry, he seems to be catching the time like no one else can. This pure technique, the basis of Jean Jullien’s graphic language, comes to life particularly well in a unique collection for Petit Bateau.

This collection revolves around the strong connection between the designer and the savoir-faire of Petit Bateau. Before he started designing, Jean Jullien visited the historical factory of Petit Bateau in Troyes to see the knitting machines, meet the men and women behind the machines and learn as much as possible about the production process. From there, the idea arose, instead of printing his illustrations on the knits, to let the designs arise from knits. Petit Bateau took up the challenge and had the motifs made of jacquard, giving the cotton garments extra warmth and elegance.

For this collection Jean Jullien came up with a new series of illustrations consisting of a cat, a dog, a ram and a zebra. Although they may seem good, this little gang is actually quite a bit naughty! The illustrator imagined how the fun foursome themselves would draw basic shapes: stripes and spots visible on their own fur. And don’t worry about the ram, born without distinctive stripes: the cat and the zebra are happy to lend them out!

Not only is the cheerful gang on the cotton jersey in white and navy blue, they are also seen on patches, so that all items of clothing can be decorated with dogs (or cats, zebras and rams) for extra fun.

The Petit Bateau x Jean Jullien capsule collection for babies, children and adults is available online from 11 September via petit-bateau.com. In addition, from 18 September the collection will be available in an exclusive number of Petit Bateau stores worldwide.

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