Prêt à Pregnant welcomes mommy to-be Marinke Davelaar

Marinke Davelaar is New York based, madly in love with her Lawrence, and very well established within the fashion photography. But besides snappin’ her way through the most amazing fashion events in New York, she’s often found back in Holland. You may already recognize her work since she is responsible for capturing all the special moments for Prêt à Pregnant, The Mom & The Dad. From Janine’s cool mommy’ looks to the well known Rally Events. It’s all Marinke. And we are so proud to have her on our team. 

She has always been part of the Prêt à Pregnant team, but now in a very special new way, because… she is expecting! Soon she will welcome her first baby and in her photo diary she will take us with her on this very special journey. 

Yes no doubt about it, a solid heartbeat at 10 weeks!! PREGNANT I’m thrilled! So freaking scary that I’ll become a mommy, but so very cool!! Telling close family & friends was so much fun…and Janine of course is thrilled!!! First thing I did was steal one of her ‘THE MOM’ sweaters, like literally steal, from her closet 😉 The sweetheart let me keep it! It was quite cold in Amsterdam so I wore it all the time!! My new Favo sweater.


Going from taking pictures of my gorgeous sister in law Janine, to showing myself here, quite the update! When shooting the Cybex stroller with Janine & Jade-Ming, I had to give it a try myself. That looks quite good on me, don’t you think? 😉 Hmm need to start thinking about what stroller we want…so much choice!!!


At 11 weeks I’m back in New York, where I live skyhigh on the 47th. It’s always busy here and always 100.000 things to do….however, the first 1,5 weeks home I did absolutely NOTHING! What happend here! My energy is GONE! Assuming I would not get any of the pregnancy aches, simply because I didn’t want to, didn’t do me any good haha. So tired, nauseous, headaches, a bit down…I got it all. Luckily most of it cleared out in week 12-13 and now I can say I’m a happy camper. I do feel a bit sorry for my guy Lawrence from time to time, having to cope with hormonal me.




There is an annual event here that’s super nice to attend, the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classics at Liberty State Park. With a nice group we claimed a nice spot near the field, to set up our Pick Nick! The weather was great. Do you recognize Nacho Figueras? He’s quite well known, for his qualities on the field & in front of the lens. When his name hits the speakers you’ll hear the ladies scream, if you know what I mean. Have you seen the Ralph Lauren adds?



Hmmmm I do smile, but of course it s*cks that none of these bubbles got into my tummy. I’m even hiding a water bottle behind my back here haha. Still loads of fun though, especially during half-time, when we all hit the field to participate in a polo tradition called “divot stamping”, where you make sure the grass looks good again by correcting the divots and of course more that that, socialize. And who doesn’t have a secret crush on this guy…mr Tyson Beckford.

New York is really hot in the summertime, so this is a very good excuse to fulfill my daily increasing craving for ice-cream and other sweets. We walk a lot, which hopefully helps me contain my bottom size… Oh and I shopped at VS, because my top part didn’t fit anything anymore!!! Hmm I hope it stays like this for a while though haha. Pamela in the making.


Washington Square Park is one of my favorite parks to hang around. The vibe is relaxt, the fountain is on now and there is always someone playing an instrument, a singer or even a full equipped band around.


How cute are these limited edition outfits from The Plaza, the first outfits Lawrence bought for our little one!!





Lawrence surprised me with the best ever tickets for the greatest show I’ve seen so far! BEYONCE!! It was so super super cool. We where only about 4 meters away from the center stage…just amazing! What a performance, what a woman! For you Dutchies that have tickets, you’re very very lucky it’s worth every cent!!! A spectacular ending to the show on the center stage, soaked by the water she danced around in. We were actually also drained, being so close, but who cares!!

Right now I’m at 15 weeks, and even in the morning I can really start to see a little bump there!! Not enough to start wearing tight outfits though, those would make me look like I had to many cakes the last few weeks (which would also be right)….but still, there’s no denying it anymore, there’s something in there! This also means I banned al my tight pants to the back of my closet, to hopefully fit them again next year! No crop tops for me this summer either. But I can’t wait ’till I really get a nice belly to show off!

Well that’s all for now! Talk to you all again soon!!

X from NYC,


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