Quinny is a leading Dutch buggy and stroller brand. They want to contribute to the city life and the small challenges that you as a parent have to overcome every day. At Milan Fashion Week Quinny launched the Parenting Couture collection in collaboration with fashion designer Marlou Breuls. The capsule collection consists of five unique designs made especially for parents and match with the new colorful strollers. Every item is inspired by practical problems every parent has to deal with from time to time. With powerful fashion statements Quinny shows that even though the small challenges you face as a parent, you can still look fabulous. 

Besides the exclusive fashion collaboration ‘Parenting Couture’, Quinny also introduces a new line of strollers: NxtGen. With these fabulous strollers you can wander through the city in style! Fashion designer Marlou Breuls designed the unique Parenting Couture capsule collection, and every item is inspired by the design of the NxtGen strollers. The collection consists of: the ‘Power Nap Dress’, a gorgeous puffy dress which is perfect for a quick nap after a broken night! The ‘Multi-Pocket Jumpsuit’, to take that enormous load of kids stuff with you in style. And dads can be dads again in the early morning with the ‘Stained Suit’ which is already covered in stains. The collection also includes the ‘Teething Jacket’ for the first teeth of your little one, and the super elegant ‘Toy Carpet Dress’, your kid will have its full attention with the cars on your dress and you can have your full attention for the cocktail party. 😉

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