Ruba Zai pregnant with second baby

Amazing baby news all the way from Rome. Ruba Zai is enjoying the lovely Italian city together with her husband and their daughter Maya. She decided to announce the big news on this special location because there is no way to hide her baby bump anymore.

On Instagram she shared a fun picture of the three of them in front of the Colosseum captioned with: “ WE’RE HAVING ANOTHER BABYYYYYY. Maya is going to be a sister AND I’M EVEN MORE EXCITED FOR HER THEN SHE IS LOL. I wanted to post this picture as one of the first picture from Rome because it’s like as soon as we landed my babybump and face was like : hello, we’re pregnant.  I was barely showing till 7 months the first time around but this time I’m 22 weeks and heavily pregnant. I feel great, just more consious of all the body changes this time around. I am so so so so excited to welcome another baby soon yayyyyyy. P.S. This was exactly @jalil.sam ‘s face when I first told him and this is exactly how Maya babies him all the time.”

We couldn’t be more happy and congratulate Ruba, Jalil and Maya with this wonderful news.


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