Stokke’s #TrippTrappDinner powered by Prêt à Pregnant

Oh what a night! Last week we gathered with 74 inspiring women for a very special evening. Restaurant Meat West was turned into the venue of the first Stokke's #TrippTrappDinner powered by Prêt à Pregnant. This evening it was all about being together, networking and create awareness to give back and support charity. After a warm welcome by Veuve Clicquot all the ladies were seated at the 20 meters long table. The table was styled with beautiful flowers by LM Flower Fashion. All women who attended the event all agreed on one thing. And that was to support the event and raise money for Dance4Life. 

They had the choice between a Hazy Grey or Soft Pink Tripp Trapp Chair, which they all brought home after the event. All chairs were donated by Stokke to raise money for Dance4Life. The team of Meat West served an amazing menu, which was delicious, tasty and prepared with the best ingredients. And they even surprised our pregnant guests with lovely dishes. 

Model mom and contributor Marvy Rieder presented the evening and showed us during the evening why we chose Dance4Life. Director of Dance4Life Eveline gave a presentation about her charity and she introduced Anne to us. Anne is a mother of two children and got infected by the HIV virus at the age of 16. It was a very emotional and impressive speech. 

After a wonderful dinner, photobooth fun, laughter and time to finally talk to eachother again it was time to party. Ketel One and Grand Marnier opened their bars and served cocktails while we were dancing on the beats of Cat Carpenters. After the party the guests had the opportunity to get home with the shuttle service of BMW X1.

This evening exceeded all our expectations and was really memorable. It is so hearthwarming that all these inspiring women are willing to stand up and start their own action to sell their Tripp Trapp chair to raise money for Dance4Life. I would like to thank my partner Stokke, who made this event possible and is so generous to donate 74 Tripp Trapp chairs to us for charity. 

This week we will start the auction which will end on the 16th of November. Do you want to support us? Check out the sites and search on Instagram for #TrippTrappDinner.

For now we are excited to share the pictures of this amazing evening shot by Marinke Davelaar Photography.

The 20 meters long table at Meat West with amazing flowers of LM Flower Fashion.

Hazy Grey or Soft Pink?

The ladies of L'Officiel NL have their photowall moment.

Proud of my amazing team!

Tamara Elbaz, Maria Tailor, Myrthe Mylius and Jamie Faber.

Actresses Carolien Spoor and Marly van der Velden.

Beauties Jacqueline Giannakos, Hazjar Idrissi and Paulijn van der Pot.

Always stylish Anna Smit-Loor

Tamara Elbaz and Maria Tailor with the girls of GUEST styled in Tailor & Elbaz.

Joyce Chu, Irene Klaassens, Selwyn Senatori and one of the best Dutch stylists Sanne van Gestel.


With lovely Laura Disco, Yasmin Dikkeboom and Masha le Clercq of So PR.

Beauty Sophia Tienstra.

Joyce Chu and Terence of Meat West.

With my amazing friend and power woman Kristina Bozilovic of Talkies Magazine.

With my gorgeous friend and The-Mom.com contributor Winonah de Jong.

My dear friends Winonah, Lonneke of Style my Day and Kristina Bozilovic of Talkies Magazine shot with Samsung.

Restaurant Manager Terence did an amazing job.

The new BMW X1 for our shuttle service.

Regina Romeijn and contributors Iris Poldervaart & Renee Vervoorn

Contributor Jade Lew with stunning Maria Tailor.

One of the few men at the event. Selwyn Senatori and the most beautiful and fun stephmom in the world Irene Klaassens.

Veuve Clicquot was served as apéritif and with the amuse.

A beautiful table setting and gift for all guests.

Prêt à Pregnant contributors Marvy Rieder, Renee Vervoorn and Bibiane Bouquet.

Frank Remme, Marketing Manager at Stokke, attended the dinner with the Stokke Sales team. Thank you so much for all the support and donating all the chairs!

So impressive all these amazing women at one table on Tripp Trapp chairs. 

Delicious Amuse.

Flower arrangement by LM Flower Fashion.

Nikkie Plessen left a video message.

Prêt à Pregnant contributor and my dear friend Annemieke Visch-Hart and Princess Aimée.

Frank Remme, Jacob-Jan Esmijer and Casper Nielsen of Stokke.

Delicious and beautiful plates from the team of Meat West.

Marie Stella Maris.

Always stylish Lonneke Nooteboom and Famke Mesman.

With stunning Joyce Chu.

With amazing Barbara and Melanie of Maison PR, Renee Vervoorn and EIC of Mama & Family Phaedra Werkhoven.

Celine Chu and Cheryl Veerman.

Fabienne de Vries and her props in the photobooth.

Photobooth fun!

Marvy Rieder and photgrapher Marinke Davelaar.

Tamara Villani with Jael Amouyal

Chanel's Okkie Tenggala and Joyce Chu.

Contributor and Cat Carpenters DJ Claire Timmerman with Mandy Meuwise of Ganbaroo PR.

Amazing ladies!

Melanie van Wijk and Linda Botter of Maison PR.

Inspiring woman Anne, ambassador of Dance4Life.

Ambassador and actress Toprak Yalçiner attended the dinner.

Gorgeous Paulijn van der Pot of L'Officiel NL.

Eveline Aendekerk, director of Dance4Life.

The tables were surrounded by the latest screens of Samsung. 

Beauties Sophia Tienstra and Irene Klaassens.

Master in production Josje ten Cate.

Dionne Schulf of Like my Brand.

Powercouple Selwyn Senatori and Irene Klaassens.

How much fun in the photobooth.

Jacob-Jan Esmeijer and Carolien de Wolf, Sales Manager Netherlands at Stokke.

The best photographer duo Marinke Davelaar and Rosemarijn Karsmijer of Marinke Davelaar Photography.

Such an honor that Princess Aimée joined her friend Susanne Willekes for the evening. Here we are with gorgeous Annemieke Visch-Hart and Leontien Wenneker of L'OFFICIEL NL.

Contributors Ginette Tellier and Iris Poldervaart.

Winonah de jong surrounded by the blond beauties of L'OFFICIEL NL.

Famke Mesman, Wendy van der Jagt and Kelly Huisman.

Model moms Marvy Rieder and Bibiane Bouquet.

With Annemieke Visch-Hart, pregnant Noortje de Groot of Queen of Jetlags and Marjolein Lokker.

Contributor Masha le Clercq.

Beautiful ladies.

Hazjar Idrissi of It-Agency, Annemieke Visch-Hart and Jacqueline Giannakos of Dior.

Marloes and Marshia of Minitials.

An impressive speech by Anne.

So cute a videomessage by Hadewych Minis who couldn't attend the dinner.

Delicious wines by Spier.

Jasmine Sendar and Kristina Bozilovic of Talkies Magazine.

BFF's Renee and Regina.

Contributor Marjolein Leenarts with the ladies of Maison PR and Dionne Schulf.

Surrounded by my amazing friends who all supported this evening. So blessed!

After the dinner Claire Slootheer of Cat Carpenters took over the DJ booth.

Rosemarijn Karsmijer with our very own Muriel Grootaers.

Cocktails by Grand Marnier.

With the super talented Marinke Davelaar of Marinke Davelaar Photgraphy.

Thank you Stokke!

Cocktails of Kettel One!

Love this amazing rockstar mom!

These two ladies helped me so much with this event. Thank you partners in crime Mosanne de Monod de Froideville of GUEST and Melanie van Wijk of Maison PR.

Time to go home and bring your Tripp Trapp.

A special thanks to GUEST and Maison PR who supported and helped us in all preparations and production of the event.

Credits: Marinke Davelaar Photography

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