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Swimshorts for beach boys

Are you ready for your baby boy’s very first summer? Be prepared for a fun rollercoaster and lots of new memories. Have you already planned the first family vacation or will it be a staycation this year?  Either way your little boy needs a fashionable swimsuit to brave the hor summer days (we hope we will get lots this summer). Today we have selected 9 of the cutest and most stylish swimshorts for baby girls that will all look super cool on your little beach boy. Do you go for  super hero shorts from Dolce & Gabbana or colorful stripes?

  1. Burberry € 69 2. MOLO € 43,70 3. Kenzo Kids € 54,05 4. Stella McCartney Kids € 52,90 5. Mitch & Son € 29,90 6. H&M € 9,99 7. Dolce & Gabbana € 109,25 8. Sunuva € 44,85 9. Zara € 10,95

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