Xmas Gifts for mom to be

Santa is coming to town and this is going to be a very special Christmas, because you are expecting! Today we’ve selected some gifts for all you mommies to-be out there that definitely need to be spoiled this year. Make sure your hubby gets his eyes on these gifts to make sure there will be a lovely surprise underneath the Christmas tree ;-).

Of course a The Mom sweater is a must for every expecting mom! Will it be a boy or a girl? Show it to the world with our blue or pink sweaters. Not only very stylish, but super comfy as well, and isn’t that what we all want?! We’ve also found these cute pregnancy/nursing bra’s that aren’t only practical, but also very pretty. A lovely fragrance is always a nice gift, pregnant or not. Our favorite fragrance of the moment is L’Inerdit from Givenchy and we are sure you will love it as well.

  1. Dress Isabella Oliver € 119 2. Tea Pukka € 3,99 3. Set of two bras H&M € 24,99 4. Ring Just Franky € 599 5. Givenchy L’Interdit 6. The Mom Sweater Soft Pink € 69,95 7. The Mom Sweater Pastel Blue € 69,95 8. Gucci bag € 950 9. Philips VisaPure Advanced € 199,99 10. The Little Years Toddler Memory Book $ 55

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